Providing chimney sweeping,
roofing, and guttering services
to Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife.

Our Services

Chimney sweeping and related services
Chimney Services

- Dust free chimney sweeping -
- Cowls fitted or replaced -
- Chimney pots fitted or replaced -
- CCTV inspections -
- Stove servicing -
- Fireplace Repairs -
- Smoke testing - 

Roofing services, Slate, tile replacement etc.
Roofing Services

- Slate replacement -
- Tile replacement -
- All cement and lime mortar-work -
- Valleys and ridges replaced -
- zinc, clay or tile -

Guttering services, cleaning, repair or replace.
Guttering Services

- Gutter cleaning -
- Gutter repairs -
- Gutter fitting or replacement -

About Us

As a family we have provided these services to our customers for 4 generations and counting.
Along the way some of the techniques and equipment have changed greatly, while some haven't changed at all.

We use a mixture of new tools and age old knowledge to diagnose any issues you may have, and efficiently put them right. We specialise in anything chimney or roof related, such as annual sweeps, new lining systems installed, tile/slate repairs or any other problems you may have.

We're always on hand to keep Auld Reekies flues in use!
As an old Scots saying goes, "Lang May Yer Lum Reek" ("Long May Your Chimney Smoke"). 

Chimney Safety

In order to maintain safe functionality of any fuel burning appliance regular sweeping must be carried out, whether burning wood, coal, gas, oil, smokeless fuel, peat or any other fuel.

Depending on what fuel you burn the time between sweeps can vary. As a guide you shouldn't go any longer than listed below:

Smokeless fuel: At least once a year
Wood: Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal: Quarterly when in use
Oil: Once a year.
Gas: Once a year.

Along with soot removal, regular chimney sweeping, provides piece of mind by assuring no blockages/part blockages are obstructing the chimney (vermin nests, cobwebs etc.) as well as ensuring adequate draw and ventilation. Also smoke testing the chimney making sure no nasty fumes make it anywhere they shouldn't. 

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